Frequently Asked Questions About SPARK Aligners

Want a show-stopping grin without the throwback of metal braces?

Say hello to SPARK aligners!

These transparent, snug-fitting wonders are the latest trendsetters in teeth alignment.

They’re not just masters of disguise on your chompers, but they’re seriously challenging the old-school braces game!

spark aligners

What are SPARK Aligners?

SPARK aligners represent the cutting edge in dental and orthodontic advancements. They’re the brainchild of Ormco™, a pioneer leading the charge in orthodontic progress.

With a rich history spanning over 60 years, combined with robust research and a steadfast dedication to top-tier production, Ormco™ sets the pace in the orthodontic universe with their SPARK aligners!

spark aligners
spark aligners
spark aligners
spark aligners

Do SPARK Aligners Provide a Comfortable Treatment Experience?

SPARK’s superior aligners take the lead in comfort, even outshining the popular Invisalign, by harnessing revolutionary technology and unmatched precision!

Each SPARK aligner is carefully hand-finished and smoothed out, ensuring the mouth’s soft spots are free from bother. This attention to detail makes them an excellent pick for those wary of metals or with specific allergies.

Using detailed 3D modeling, SPARK aligners promise a treatment journey that feels right and fits like a dream. Their gentle, consistent push ensures teeth find their perfect spot with utmost comfort!

What Orthodontic Issues Do SPARK Aligners Address?

SPARK aligners are adept at tackling a variety of dental dilemmas:

  • Crowded Teeth: When your jaw lacks the space to house all your teeth comfortably, SPARK aligners guide them to a harmonious arrangement.
  • Spacing Issues: Sometimes, the opposite issue arises—too much room between your teeth. In such cases, SPARK aligners help bridge the distance.
  • Overbite: Witnessing your upper teeth overshadowing the lower ones? It’s a familiar dental concern, but SPARK aligners have got it covered!
  • Underbite: Contrary to an overbite, here, the lower teeth jut out ahead. It’s rarer, but fear not; SPARK aligners are on the case.
  • Crossbite: If, when biting down, a few of your top teeth nestle inside the lower ones, you’re dealing with a crossbite. Such alignment can cause additional troubles, like undue wear and tear on your teeth.
  • Open Bite: Imagine clamping down, but an airy gap remains between your top and bottom teeth—that’s an open bite scenario.

Am I the Ideal Candidate for SPARK Aligners?

SPARK aligners might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

SPARK aligners might not be the go-to choice for patients grappling with intense teeth crowding, vast spacing issues, or pronounced bite problems such as significant overbites, underbites, crossbites, or open bites. Traditional braces or alternate orthodontic interventions could be more apt in such situations.

If ditching smoking during the alignment phase isn’t on your agenda, you should rethink SPARK aligners. Cigarette smoke stains these devices, diminishing their discreet charm.

The success of SPARK aligners leans heavily on patient dedication and strict adherence to the treatment plan. Clear aligners aren’t your best match if you’re not up for donning them at least 20 hours daily.

spark aligners
spark aligners

What Age Groups Can Benefit From SPARK Aligners?

What’s remarkable about SPARK aligners is their universal appeal. They cater to all, from teens to adults, as long as one has permanent teeth.

For teenagers, SPARK aligners can be an ace up their sleeve. Their teeth and jaws are still evolving, so they might witness swifter transformations!

As for grown-ups, perfecting that grin is always on the cards! Most adults gravitating towards SPARK aligners over conventional braces do so for their subtle charm. Gone are the days of the “metallic grin”—with SPARK, you can enhance your smile on the down-low!

How Long Will I Wear My SPARK Aligners Every Day?

For optimal and swift results, SPARK aligners should be worn for 22 hours a day over 1-2 weeks. 

Ideally, they should be removed only during meals or while brushing.

How Can I Keep My SPARK Aligners Clean?

A few easy-to-follow care steps are all you need to ensure your SPARK aligners remain pristine and comfy:

  • Rinse Your Aligners: Always rinse your aligners under running water every time you remove them to wash off saliva and prevent plaque accumulation.
  • Brushing Your Aligners Gently: Gently brush your aligners using a soft toothbrush. Refrain from using toothpaste, as its abrasiveness might lead to scratches on your aligners.
  • Soaking Your Aligners: Delve into specialized cleaning solutions or crystals to give your aligners an intensive cleanse.
  • Keep Your Aligners Cool: Ensure your aligners aren’t exposed to hot water or environments, as they can distort the plastic, compromising their bespoke fit.
  • Avoid Colored or Scented Soaps: If you choose soap, use the unscented, transparent variants. Colored or scented soaps might tint your aligners or leave a soapy aftertaste.
  • Keep Your Aligners Safely Stored Away: Nestle your aligners in their dedicated case when not wearing them. This not only safeguards them from misplacement but also shields them from external contaminants.

Are SPARK Aligners Clearer Than Invisalign?

The primary distinction between Invisalign and SPARK aligners stems from their material choices. Invisalign harnesses the power of its exclusive plastic, SmartTrack, designed for durability and efficient teeth repositioning.

Conversely, SPARK aligners capitalize on their signature clear material—TruGen. 

This ultra-thin, brilliantly clear material with finely honed scalloped edges offers the utmost comfort, setting it apart from SmartTrack. 

Moreover, the near-invisibility of TruGen’s aligners bestows wearers with unmatched subtlety and minimizes aligner discoloration!

How Much Do SPARK Aligners Cost?

Expect an estimated expense of around $5,000 in purchasing SPARK aligners. Though this amount might seem significant, it’s a valuable investment toward improving and maintaining the longevity of your radiant smile.

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Does Insurance Cover SPARK Aligners?

The specifics of your policy influence your insurance’s stance on SPARK aligners.

Should your policy encompass orthodontic care, it may also subsidize some of the SPARK aligners’ expenses.

However, remember that coverage doesn’t imply a total payout by your insurance. There’s often a cap on the lifetime amount allocated for orthodontic procedures, leaving you to handle additional costs. Also, some insurance entities mandate a preliminary approval step, so ensure all documentation is in order.

When insurance doesn’t cater to these aligners, various orthodontists present manageable payment alternatives. Moreover, you may resort to Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for these payments.

Do All Orthodontists Provide SPARK Aligners?

While both general dentists and orthodontists can offer Invisalign, SPARK has chosen to exclusively entrust its aligners to the hands of orthodontists.

SPARK cherishes the deep-rooted expertise of orthodontists, convinced that their intricate grasp of dental mechanics promises a flawless execution of the aligner treatment.

Dr. Lee holds the prestigious distinction of being a Certified SPARK Provider, clearly reflecting his relentless dedication to delivering top-tier orthodontic care.

And if Dr. Lee’s location isn’t convenient for you, fret not! SPARK’s superior clear aligners are still accessible. Simply click on this link to swiftly pinpoint a SPARK specialist.

Wherever you are, SPARK aligners are always within your reach!


spark aligners