Did you know that at least 4 million Americans wear braces at any given moment? Everyone wants a bright, perfectly straight smile in today’s culture. However, a straight smile, alongside a much-needed boost of confidence, is sometimes difficult to attain. 

Have no fear, though; Invisalign aligners are here to help you achieve your maximum smile potential! If you desire a more discreet tooth straightening option, then Invisalign may just be the perfect fit! But is everyone a good candidate for invisible aligners? Today’s article will help you find out! 

Is There an Ideal Age for Invisalign?

There is a biological answer to the question of the ideal age for Invisalign treatment. Younger patients who still have baby teeth to lose are not going to experience all the benefits of invisible aligners. Until teeth are no longer being lost, the mouth and teeth continue to change shape and position. Thus, adjusting them without any permanent incisors and first molars would be futile. Since children and young teens tend to lose teeth at varying ages, there is no specific age when Invisalign is ideal.  

That being said, there is no upper age limit for Invisalign either. On the contrary, sometimes, straightening crooked teeth as older adults can help reduce the amount of required restorative work. 

Can Teens Get the Invisalign Treatment, Too?

Yes, of course teens can receive Invisalign treatment! In fact, Invisalign has created its own treatment plan designed specifically for teenage patients. With Invisalign Teen, your teenager can utilize this flexible, aesthetic teeth straightening option!

If your orthodontist recommends Invisalign Teen, you should take the preliminary steps to ensure your child is ready for such an orthodontic treatment. Removable braces are a big responsibility, and for a successful treatment experience, you have to make sure your child can stay on top of their Invisalign Teen aligners. If your teenager is not quite ready for the responsibility, traditional braces may be a better solution.    

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign Aligners Over Traditional Braces?

Similar to metal braces, Invisalign Teen applies a gentle, constant pressure to the teeth to slowly bring them into alignment. However, Invisalign Teen has a few more benefits than traditional braces, such as: 

  • Removability; 
  • Self-confidence;
  • Less irritating; 
  • Fewer emergencies. 

Invisalign Teen is simple to remove, allowing for easy brushing and flossing. Furthermore, it allows teens to eat their favorite foods without worrying about getting stuck in traditional metal braces. 

A major benefit to clear aligners is that they are nearly invisible. This allows teenagers an added sense of autonomy during their orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign Teen, your teenager’s smile can boost their confidence and self-esteem without fearing any social stigma that unfortunately comes with metal braces. 

Invisalign Teen is also less irritating than traditional metal braces. Without the wires and brackets rubbing against the mouth’s soft tissues, Invisalign Teen avoids such friction and offers a more comfortable tooth straightening option. 

Finally, braces can sometimes develop broken wires and cracked brackets. Invisalign Teen keeps you from having to take your teen in for emergency appointments due to any brace malfunctions. 

Despite its numerous benefits, Invisalign Teen aligners do not cost much more than traditional braces! Invisalign Teen costs between $4,000 to $6,000. However, you can receive an exact price quote only after a proper orthodontist consultation. You may also find additional financing options through your insurance plan

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Unfortunately, not everyone is considered a good candidate for Invisalign or SPARK aligners. For example, if you suffer from active gum disease or cavities, then it is required that you get treated before starting your orthodontic treatment. 

Invisalign aligners will also have a harder time correcting extreme dental problems that require mouth surgery. Such conditions include large overbites that need orthodontic procedures to physically shift the jaw. 

Furthermore, dental implants, bridges, or TMJ issues can make Invisalign treatments more difficult but do not outright disqualify patients for this orthodontic treatment. Those with tiny, eroded, or misshapen teeth must undergo dental work, but orthodontists can sometimes work around such issues alongside invisible aligners if they are less severe. 

Invisalign aligners are also not recommended for patients who smoke and cannot or will not stop for the duration of the treatment process. Smoking can cause the aligners to discolor, making them stained and unattractive. 

It is also imperative that patients who choose Invisalign or SPARK aligners are motivated and disciplined enough to stay consistent with the treatment plan. If you cannot wear aligners for at least 20 hours daily, you may not be a good candidate for clear aligners. An Invisalign client has more control over oral health treatment, but you must follow your dental professional’s instructions. Failing to wear Invisalign aligners can result in expensive dental corrections to rectify your treatment process mishaps.  

Who Is a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisible aligners can correct numerous orthodontic problems, such as

  • Overbite; 
  • Underbite; 
  • Gaps; 
  • Overlapping or crowded teeth; 
  • Open bite; 
  • Crossbite. 


If you suffer from any of the above, Invisalign is a wonderful option for you! Through invisible aligners, you can get straight teeth and improved gum health. Granted you are willing to put in the time and effort to stick with your treatment plan, Invisalign offers a terrific alternative to other teeth straightening options. 

Discreet and successful, Invisalign aligners are an excellent option for anyone with relatively minor or straightforward orthodontic needs. While the Invisalign process is not recommended for more extreme cases, with the right orthodontic professional, it can still be used to straighten your smile. 

That being said, traditional braces may be the only option for those with the following situations:

  • Existing bridgework; 
  • A considerably misaligned bite along the back teeth; 
  • Those who need vertical tooth repositioning.

Unsure about Being a Candidate for Invisalign? Take This Invisalign Candidate Quiz!

To explore your candidacy with Invisalign, take the Invisalign candidate quiz

However, this quiz is just an introductory understanding of your candidacy. If you are truly interested in exploring Invisalign options for crooked teeth, then visit Dr. Lee for further consultation!

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