SPARK Aligners vs. Invisalign

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We all want perfect, straight teeth to boost our confidence and make us feel ready to conquer the world! So, be it for aesthetic purposes or health reasons, many patients seek tooth alignment treatment options. 

For those of any age looking for a more discrete treatment plan than traditional braces, clear aligners may be the perfect alternative. But today, there are so many different aligners, and it may be challenging to choose the right one. Hopefully, this article will help you attain your future smile by comparing two top-grossing aligner companies: SPARK aligners and Invisalign!  

What is the Invisalign System? 

If you have ever heard of clear aligners, you have probably heard the name Invisalign. The first major company to produce clear aligners, Invisalign, was able to patent its product in 1998 after receiving FDA approval. 

Dr. Chapman, the early adopter of clear aligner technology, used Invisalign to help his patients gain confidence and straighter teeth. This created a monopoly in favor of Invisalign as they produced aligners for 17 years without competition from other companies. By 2000, The Invisalign system boomed as 75% of orthodontists trained to use the new technology. But now, in 2022, there are over 40 different aligner companies on the market, with more constantly emerging. 

What are SPARK Aligners?

SPARK aligners are the latest aligner products produced by Ormco, the global leader in cutting-edge orthodontics products. Made with TruGEN, the newest innovation in clear aligner material, SPARK aligners boast ultimate comfort, clarity, durability, and stain resistance. In addition, compared to other companies, SPARK aligners have better tooth contact, which allows for advanced sustained force retention. In other words, they are stronger than competing brands. 

Invisalign and SPARK Aligners: Similarities and Differences

While both Invisalign and SPARK gently move teeth, they are quite different as far as design and material. The unique material of SPARK enables it to be clearer and more stain-resistant than Invisalign. In addition, due to the specific treatment of SPARK aligner edges, they are smoother and, therefore, more comfortable. 

Not only are the products different, but how they are made is unique as well. While Invisalign is made through more conventional methods, SPARK aligners use next-generation technology, such as 3D prints, to their advantage. By using prints, SPARK has created thinner aligners and, therefore, more accurate in fit. With increased accuracy comes predictability and shorter production times. 

But, despite all these differences, both Invisalign and SPARK aligners are similar in price. 

Which of the Two is the More Clear Aligner? 

The most significant difference between Invisalign and SPARK aligners is the material they are made of. Invisalign makes its products out of SmartTrack, a plastic material designed for durability and efficient tooth movement. This patented material sets Invisalign apart from other more basic clear aligner systems. 

On the other hand, SPARK aligners use their own patented clear material called TruGen. TruGen is gradually outcompeting SmartTrack because it is thinner, clearer, and polished with scalloped edges for optimal comfort. In addition, with minimal aligner stains, TruGen is virtually invisible, offering its patients ultimate discretion.  

SPARK Aligners Versus Invisalign: Price

As far as price is concerned, Invisalign and SPARK aligners are very similar. The price of both treatments depends on a patient’s unique needs, but most patients can estimate at least a couple of thousand dollars for either company’s treatment. Both sell their products starting at around $5,000

Which Aligner Provides the Most Comfortable Treatment Experience?

While Invisalign is comfortable, SPARK’s new technology and special attention to detail make them even more comfortable. The thinner nature of SPARK aligners lends a more comfortable experience than their competition. SPARK also includes hand-trimmed and polished edges on their liners, so they do not irritate the soft tissues within the mouth. They are perfect for patients with metal sensitivities or allergies. 

SPARK aligner’s use of 3D prints creates a more comfortable treatment experience and perfectly calibrated fit than its competitors. In addition, by applying gentle, constant pressure, SPARK aligners straighten teeth comfortably. 

Invisalign and SPARK Aligners: Effectiveness

While both Invisalign and SPARK aligners are effective, Invisalign reviews show a few unsatisfied users. Since the conception of the Invisalign system, there has been much progress in understanding human anatomy and improved orthodontic methods. SPARK clear aligners have taken advantage of these discoveries to create an even more effective aligner with flawless treatment. Since its launch, SPARK has had overwhelming support from its users, and top orthodontists have praised its remarkable effectiveness, comfort, clarity, and resistance to stains. 

Only Orthodontists Can Provide the SPARK Orthodontic Treatment

While both general dentists and orthodontics can take a weekend course to become certified in the Invisalign system, only orthodontics can provide patients with SPARK clear aligners. In addition, SPARK only trusts orthodontists to flawlessly execute the treatment of their aligners because orthodontists understand the intricate process of tooth movement.

Which Orthodontic Treatment Plan is Better for Me?

If you are looking for teeth straightening options but want something more discreet than traditional braces, clear aligners are the most reliable option! Both Invisalign and SPARK clear aligners have their own advantages, so the best way to discover the best treatment option for you is to visit a dental practice that offers both systems. After having your teeth and dental misalignment examined by a treatment provider, they will recommend the best option for your unique dental needs!

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