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Patients who are excited about their sparkling Invisalign results always want to know the best way to clean their Invisalign retainer! Fortunately, Invisalign cleaning crystals can do most of the work for you once you know how to clean Invisalign retainers with this easy, effective method. However, it’s also essential to learn about the cleaners never to be used on your Invisalign retainer! So first, let’s talk about why keeping your Invisalign retainer clean is essential.

Why Using an Invisalign Cleaner Is Essential

Invisalign cleaning crystals are formulated to break down bacteria, dissolve plaque, and reduce the likelihood of discoloration and staining while you’re maintaining your smile by diligently wearing your Invisalign retainer. The last thing you want to do is risk decay and staining when you’re putting in the work of wearing your retainer every single day to maintain that straight, radiant smile you’ve wanted for so long! Cleaning your retainer with crystals can also help to prevent embarrassing staining on the retainer that will give you a cloudy, discolored smile when you’re out in public. 

Remember that you may be instructed to wear your Invisalign retainer for up to 22 hours a day after your Invisalign treatment is complete to help “retrain” your teeth to keep their new alignment. Invisalign cleaning crystals are made of non-toxic, entirely safe materials formulated specifically for use with Invisalign products. Here’s why being diligent with cleaning your Invisalign retainer is so important:

  • Food and debris from your mouth can get trapped in your retainer.
  • That debris attracts bacteria.
  • Having bacteria on your teeth leads to plaque.
  • Plague can cause cavities that will require treatment in the future.
  • A bacteria-free mouth helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Any tooth or gum issues that pop up while you’re using your Invisalign retainer can extend your treatment time if you need to stop wearing your retainer. That brings us back to the question of how to clean an Invisalign retainer properly using Invisalign cleaning crystals. Take a look at the steps to getting a fresh, crystal-clear mouth using the best Invisalign cleaner.

How to Use Invisalign Cleaning Crystals

Invisalign cleaning crystals instructions are very straightforward. Let’s start with a quick how-to-use tip on Invisalign cleaning crystals. Try to time your cleanings for the same times each day to help with consistency. Having a routine can significantly increase your chances of staying on track with keeping your Invisalign retainer clean. Here’s a simple step-by-step Invisalign how to clean guide to follow:

  1. Gently rinse your retainer under lukewarm water. Using lukewarm water only is vital because hot and cold water can cause the thermoplastic materials in your retainer to warp. Aim for water that’s as close to room temperature as possible. Running water is best because it gently pushes away debris.
  2. If you have your Invisalign cleaning tub, fill it with a little lukewarm water. You can use an ordinary cup or small bowl if you don’t have a cleaning tub. Fill the container just high enough to get your retainer submerged.
  3. While your retainer is soaking, dump a packet of your Invisalign cleaning crystals right into the tub or cup.
  4. Let the retainer soak for 15 minutes.
  5. After removing your retainer from the crystal solution, rinse it with lukewarm water.
  6. Use a wet toothbrush to very gently brush your retainer to loosen any lingering debris or particles.
  7. Run the retainer under lukewarm water one last time.
  8. You’re all done!

Invisalign retainers should be cleaned twice daily. Morning and evening are the best times. Don’t forget to rinse, wipe and dry your retainer case regularly to provide a clean, bacteria-free environment for your retainer.

Here’s What You Should Never Use to Clean Your Invisalign Retainer

Avoid using toothpaste on your Invisalign retainer. Toothpaste isn’t as good as an Invisalign cleaner because its abrasiveness can harm your retainer. It would be best if you avoided colored or scented soaps because they can leave grime and residue on your retainer, leading to discoloration. They may also create unpleasant tastes and odors that linger in your retainer. While mouthwash is considered safe for cleaning Invisalign retainers, it may not be effective enough at reducing bacteria to prevent staining, odors, and tooth decay.

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