Fixing 6 Major Dental Issues With Invisalign!

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Have you ever thought about getting your teeth in better alignment but didn’t want to have to deal with the look of traditional braces? Getting your teeth aligned is now more convenient and more accessible, thanks to Invisalign!

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that utilizes transparent, durable plastic aligners, unlike the braces’ traditional wire and bracket. A set of aligners are worn for two weeks and will only be removed when eating or brushing. As the aligners are replaced during the treatment duration, the misaligned teeth will move bit by bit until they reach the final position recommended by your dentist. Invisalign treatment duration varies from one person to another, ranging from a few months to a couple of years.

Why is Invisalign Superior to Other Tooth Straightening Devices? 

Like most tooth alignment devices, Invisalign has its pros and cons. Despite this, Invisalign’s good qualities far outweigh its cons, making it better than any other tooth alignment device on the market today. 

The first and most obvious reason why Invisalign is the winner in this tooth-straightening industry is that people won’t even know that you are wearing Invisalign! The only way to hide braces or other tooth straighteners is not to open your mouth at all. Talking, smiling, or laughing can be pretty embarrassing if you have braces, especially if you’re an adult, but with Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about these simple things. Since it’s made of plastic, people won’t see any metallic wires in your mouth.

Orthodontic treatments using traditional tooth alignment devices usually take a lot of time. Manipulating your teeth and jaw for it to be aligned is done for a healthy mouth. Traditionally, teeth alignment takes up to 2-3 years, with the addition of wire tightening, food restriction, mouth wounds, and that distracting metal when you smile. That duration of the treatment is reduced when you use Invisalign.

Traditional tooth straightening devices such as braces use metallic brackets that are attached to your teeth. These brackets are not sharp; however, they tend to scrape up and catch your mouth’s insides, leading to minor cuts. The worst part about this is these devices will be attached to your teeth for around 2-3 years. Since Invisalign uses a plastic material, it doesn’t scrape up the insides of your mouth, minimizing wounds and that irritating pain sensation compared to using traditional tooth straightening devices.

Lastly, when using traditional straightening devices such as braces, some food tends to attach to the devices’ metallic parts, for example, wires and brackets. Thus, some food and drinks are avoided to prevent corrosion and damage to the traditional straighteners and the build-up of cavities, which could further delay the progress of the orthodontic treatment. Invisalign does not use any metallic parts, therefore allowing you to eat any food and drink without the risk of ruining the progress of your treatment and the device itself.

Solving Major Dental Issues with Invisalign

Now we’ve reviewed some of the primary benefits that Invisalign can give, this is only a part of the big picture. Invisalign’s main highlight is its ability to correct the significant dental issues that dental patients commonly face. 



Overbites are when the upper incisors (front teeth) overlap or are extended in front of the lower incisors. Most people have a slight overbite, which is relatively normal; however, problems may arise if the overbite is too big, which can be detrimental to your dental health. Examples of these are pain in the jaw and the wearing of your teeth. 

The question now is, will Invisalign treat overbites? Yes, Invisalign is the perfect way to treat this condition. Invisalign overbite treatment is best for children since their bones and jaw position are still developing.

Gapped Teeth 

Tooth gaps are those extra spaces found between your teeth. They may range from small gaps to significant gaps and can create pockets where food may be stuck. These cause cavities as well as inflammation to your gums, making them tender and sore. Invisalign for gaps is the best way to treat this condition. Invisalign gap teeth treatment is perfect for those tiny gaps, but more significant gaps may require a longer time.


An underbite is the complete opposite of an overbite. It happens when the lower incisors are the ones protruding beyond the upper incisors. Several problems may arise from this condition, such as difficulty chewing and speaking as your teeth wear down. Invisalign underbite treatment is effective for underbites; however, some cases cannot be solved by Invisalign alone and may require surgery.


Overcrowding happens when there is not enough room for the teeth to fit inside the mouth. The teeth tend to be clustered, overlapping and twisting on each other, making it hard for the patient to brush and floss. This leads to the build-up of plaque which in turn leads to gum diseases and tooth decay. With the help of Invisalign clear aligners, overcrowded teeth will no longer be an issue.


Open Bite 

When the upper and lower set of teeth do not meet, this condition is known as an open bite. Open bites make it difficult for people to bite into different kinds of fruit, such as apples, since the teeth are not positioned to work as intended. Open bites can be easily treated using Invisalign Open Bite treatment. Invisalign will help align open bites, making eating common food hassle-free.


A crossbite happens when the lower and upper jaws don’t align properly, making some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth rather than the outside, which should typically be the case. Crossbites make the teeth chip or wear down and make the gums recede or make little notches just above the gum line. This condition leads to painful gum issues as well as bone loss. Luckily, crossbite is easily treatable. Invisalign is one of the best treatment options for this condition.

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