iTero Scanner

What is an iTero scanner?

iTero is a cutting-edge new technology that makes orthodontist practices easier, quicker, and more comfortable than ever. Before iTero, if a patient needed to get a retainer, it was necessary to get an impression of her mouth using molding plaster, a playdough-like substance that needed to be left for several minutes to set. This could be uncomfortable and subject to a wider margin of error if the impression tray shifted in the patient’s mouth.

iTero is a 3D scanning technology that completely eliminates the need for plaster. Using a handheld scanner called a “wand,” orthodontists can take thousands of pictures of a patient’s mouth within a few minutes—as many as 20 pictures per second. The iTero scanner compiles the pictures into a virtual 3D model that the orthodontist can use to assess the patient’s mouth and look for problems. All the examination happens within the confines of a computer—so no plaster, no inconvenience, and all the power of 3D modeling at hand.

iTero scanners are available at both our Loudoun and Patuxent offices!


What are the Benefits?

Cleanliness and Hygiene

No plaster, no molds, no icky substances in the mouth or spitting and rinsing. The iTero wand scanner replaces all of these.

Greater Accuracy

The iTero scan system allows the orthodontist to make much more accurate assessments of the patient’s mouth. Some problems that may be less obvious in a traditional tray impression are clearly visible on an iTero scan.

Real-Time Treatment Visualizations

The other major benefit of 3D scanning is that the orthodontist can make virtual changes to the patient’s mouth, modeling the effect of different kinds of treatment. This allows the patient to see in real-time what her mouth would look like after undergoing a treatment. This brings a tremendous advantage when it comes to planning treatments and reaching a desirable outcome.

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