Can I Get Braces a Second Time?

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Braces again? You’re not having a weird déjà vu moment!

You may be surprised to learn that getting braces for a second time is quite common.

It’s up to you to decide if you like the traditional ‘metal train tracks’ or the subtlety of invisible braces.

Let’s embark on a second journey to achieving your perfect smile!


5 Reasons Why You May Need a Second Round of Braces

5 Reasons Why You May Need a Second Round of Braces

Dealing With an Accident or Trauma

If you suffer an injury to your mouth or jaw, you may need another round of braces to return to normal.

Let’s say you’re playing soccer with your friends, and bam, an elbow to the face lands on your mouth.

Especially if your teeth are already somewhat loose, such impacts may cause them to shift out of their original positions.

Moreover, any accident that injures your jaw can cause bite alignment problems that require additional orthodontic treatment.


The Onset of Gum Disease

Gum disease can cause a wide range of problems in your mouth, including gum recession and even bone loss. This leads to your teeth shifting out of alignment as your gums and bones deteriorate.

Before considering braces, you must treat gum disease. After getting the all-clear from your dentist or periodontist, you can talk to your orthodontist about getting your teeth straightened again, whether with braces or another orthodontic method.


The Unexpected Growth of Wisdom Teeth

If wisdom teeth come in and push against other teeth because they do not have sufficient space, some may shift, undoing your braces and resulting in crooked or misaligned teeth.

Your beautiful smile might need a second round of braces to correct the problem.

However, it is up to you whether or not you want braces a second time. Wisdom teeth may be removed early enough to prevent any teeth shifting, saving you the hassle of additional orthodontic treatment. However, if the damage has already been done, you may be better off getting braces again.


Orthodontic Relapse

girl wearing braces

After orthodontic treatment, teeth gradually return to their original positions, causing orthodontic relapse.

You will likely experience an orthodontic relapse if you don’t wear your retainer as directed. Retainers are crucial in keeping your teeth straight. They are like the security guards of your mouth.

It’s frustrating, but sometimes we have stubborn teeth that want to move back, no matter how diligently we wear our retainers.

Your orthodontist may recommend a second round of braces if you have experienced significant orthodontic relapse. You should contact your orthodontist when your teeth shift after your braces come off. The sooner you address a relapse, the easier it will be to fix.


Not Being Satisfied With the Result of Your First Round of Braces

It’s common to look in the mirror after wearing braces for the first time and think, “Hmm, this isn’t quite what I was hoping for.”

And that’s fine.

Your teeth may not have responded to treatment as expected, or the treatment plan wasn’t as effective as expected.

When this occurs, you and your orthodontist may wish to consider a second round of braces. This time, you and your orthodontist can discuss your dissatisfaction and formulate a new plan to improve your teeth. Getting a smile that looks great and contributes to your dental health and bite is essential!


Is It Safe to Wear Braces Twice?

No rule says you can only wear braces once in your lifetime. Braces can be worn a second time if your teeth need a bit more nudge.

If your dental health has changed since your last orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will consider the changes when determining whether you’re a good candidate for another orthodontic treatment.

You may be recommended clear aligners instead of traditional braces, depending on your necessary corrections.

Your orthodontist’s professional advice and your situation will ultimately determine the effectiveness and safety of wearing braces again.


How Long Will My Second Round of Braces Last?

Your individual case will determine how long your second round of braces will last.

In general, braces treatment lasts between 1 and 3 years. However, it may be shorter or longer for a second time, depending on several factors, including:

  1. What caused the need for a second round: Are your wisdom teeth pushing everything out of place, or may your teeth just be overly fond of their old positions?
  2. The severity of your dental problems: Your braces could be off before you know it if it’s just a minor shift. But if it’s more complex, you’ll have to be patient.
  3. How well you follow your orthodontist’s instructions: The braces make the show, but you’re the director! Ensure you wear your elastics consistently, maintain your oral hygiene, and keep your appointments!


Will I Need Retainers After Wearing Braces a Second Time?

After your second trip with braces, retainers are definitely in order. Think of them as the final steps in your orthodontic journey to keep that new, perfect smile looking fantastic!

In addition to moving your teeth into the proper positions with braces, retainers keep those teeth from moving out of line by returning them to their old places after the braces are removed.

Retainers provide the much-needed adjustment period for your periodontal ligaments when braces move your teeth. Braces stretch these ligaments, which need time to adjust to the new positions.

For the first few months after braces come off, retainers should be worn daily, except when eating or brushing. After that, they may be worn at night only. Every case is different, so your orthodontist will tell you what’s best.


Does Insurance Cover Braces a Second Time?

beautiful girl smiling with braces

Insurance coverage for a second set of braces is not one-size-fits-all.

If you’ve already reached your lifetime orthodontic maximum with your first set of braces, then you might not be able to get braces again. Nevertheless, don’t give up!

If your insurance plan has changed since your first set of braces, more coverage might be available now. Get in touch with your provider to find out.

Even if your insurance won’t cover another complete treatment, it might still cover a portion of it.

You might also be covered for a second round of braces if you switched insurance providers after your first set was not covered.

Finally, if your dentist or health insurance covers the second set of braces due to medical necessity, more coverage might be available.

Ask your orthodontist and insurance provider about your coverage. They can help you navigate your policy details, explain your options, and help you make round two easier on your wallet!


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