What Should I Do if My Retainer Is Not Fitting Anymore?

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If your retainer is not fitting anymore, it is not the end of the world. Retainers are supposed to be changed every couple of years because they get worn out over time. So, after knowing why your retainer doesn’t fit anymore, let us go over some helpful tips on what you should do about it!

How to Make Your Retainer Fit Again

First and foremost, don’t panic. You should know that this is not a serious issue and will be figured out quickly and easily by your orthodontist. The five steps below will show you how to get back on track with having the best fitting retainer again.

1. Book an Appointment with Your Orthodontist

Generally, the first step you need to take if your retainer no longer fits is to make an appointment with your orthodontist. They will tell you what the next steps are towards getting a new retainer. It is best to take care of this as soon as possible so it does not lead to a bigger problem that may cost more money and time.

2. Get a New Retainer

After your orthodontist tells you to get a new retainer, you will need to do just that. You can’t go without having some form of a retainer in your mouth, even if it does not fit anymore. Otherwise, the teeth might move back into their original positions and cause chipping or other problems with your tooth enamel.

3. Fit the Retainer Yourself at Home

Next up on how to make your retainer fit again is bringing the old one with you when you go pick out a new one at your orthodontist’s office so they can show you how they want you to put it on. You should also know that most orthodontists have tips on how to take care of your retainer, so you should ask them if they have any tips for you to use.

4. Change Your Retainer Regularly

According to a study published by the Cochrane Oral Health Group, there is a direct correlation between how often a patient changes their retainer and how successful it will be in keeping the teeth from shifting back to where they were originally before being straightened out with braces or other orthodontic treatment. Therefore, you should take this as an opportunity to make sure that you are changing your retainer as much as possible; otherwise, it may lead to problems later.

5. Don’t Stress Yourself!

Stress does not help your retainer fit anymore and causes your teeth to shift again, so try not to let it get you down! It’s not the end of the world if your retainer doesn’t fit anymore. Sit back and relax while doing a few simple things at home and visiting your orthodontist for a quick check-up soon. Afterward, everything should be fine because your retainer will fit again in no time!

Can I Make Retainer Adjustments at Home?

Now you are curious if you can adjust your own retainer and skip the doctor. If your retainer doesn’t fit anymore, don’t try to adjust it yourself! You have to book an appointment with the orthodontist to ensure that you get the help you need. A lot of information online tells you how to do this, but in reality, there isn’t an easy way to fix it yourself. In fact, doing so will cause more damage that can require more time and money from you later down the road.

Retainer Not Fitting? Wear It Correctly!

Another big reason your retainer isn’t fitting anymore could be because you are not wearing it correctly. You may be tempted to pop it in and out of your mouth all the time when you eat, drink, etc. Your retainer is not a toy; please do not play with it! It is supposed to go entirely inside your mouth and back far enough so that the tip of the retainer (that would typically touch your gums) can hold onto them and keep teeth in place. If you wear your retainer correctly, there should be no reason for it to become loose or not fit anymore after a few months!

Be Aware of Foods That Can Damage Your Retainer

Some foods can damage the inside surface of the wire and cause the metal to break down faster than usual. The two biggest culprits here would be pretzels and popcorn. Pretzels contain salt crystals which can corrode metal over time and weaken the integrity of the wire, which causes it to break. This is also true of popcorn, which can get stuck in your retainer and cause damage during the removal process. So be sure to avoid eating these foods whenever possible while wearing your retainer!

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