Preparing Yourself for Tooth Braces Removal

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The long-awaited moment of getting your braces removed from your teeth is finally upon you, and the excitement couldn’t be harder to describe! After years of orthodontic treatment, it’s time for you to enjoy your perfectly aligned teeth and dazzle everyone around you with a confident, natural smile. 

The process of getting braces is probably still vivid in your memory. However, now that the moment of getting your braces removed is knocking on your door, how should you proceed? What does the process of braces removal entail?

Truth be told, preparing for braces removal differs from patient to patient. However, here at Loudoun Orthodontics, our medical team came up with a braces removal plan that shows how easy and straightforward the entire process can be. Aside from adequately caring for your teeth during the last days of your orthodontic treatment, you will have nothing to do but be patient. The freedom of your teeth is right around the corner!



Preparing Yourself for Braces Removal

#1: Scheduling an Appointment

Prepared patients are happy patients. Since you might require some time to prepare yourself for this moment, make sure that you agree on a fixed date with your orthodontist in advance. In the meantime, distract yourself from the braces removal thoughts with other activities. 

In the end, you will notice how, although the experience differs from patient to patient, the braces removal process is quite easy and straightforward. Your orthodontist might have taken more time to place the braces on your teeth; this time, the process will not take longer than a single appointment.


#2: Maintaining Superior Oral Hygiene

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, you have been abiding by a strict dental hygiene code, which helped you achieve stunning tooth straightening results. The level of dental hygiene will show once your orthodontist removes the braces; as long as you adequately take care of your dental hygiene until now, the results will not disappoint you.

However, just because the braces removal moment nears, you should not shift your dental hygiene routine into a lower gear. Ensure that you brush your teeth and thoroughly clean your braces until the end of your orthodontic treatment. There’s no time to slack off with the end in sight!


#3: Understanding the Braces Removal Process

The braces removal day is finally here! Both excitement and anxiety accompany you to the orthodontist’s office. However, once you reach the orthodontist’s office, you can trade the anxiety for a feeling of calm, as the orthodontist guides you through the first braces removal step.

The orthodontist will employ a particular metal device to loosen the brackets on your teeth, separating the two. This process generally removes both the brackets and the wire simultaneously. In the case of ceramic brackets, they will gradually break apart as the orthodontist removes them from your teeth.

You will probably experience an odd feeling while the orthodontist removes the brackets, followed by some cracking noises. These are natural parts of the braces removal process, which should not trouble you. Furthermore, the entire process barely entails any discomfort, which is why you might not even notice!


#4: Prepare Yourself for Some Scraping

The braces are no longer on your teeth, revealing a natural, confident smile! The most significant step of the braces removal process is over. What’s left for your orthodontist is to perform some maintenance work on your teeth.

The orthodontist will employ a particular instrument to remove any glue, cement, or plaque residue left on your teeth. Furthermore, they will also do some polishing work on your teeth with a grinder, revealing your long-awaited results. This process will cause slight sensitivity to your teeth, which will recede shortly.


#5: Preparing a Mold for Your Retainer

The smile of your dreams needs help to stay in place, which is why your orthodontist will create a mold for your retainer. Since they have long-term memory, teeth tend to recede to their original places, endangering your tooth straightening results. By wearing a retainer, you can rest assured that your teeth will stay in line. However, every single day of not wearing your retainer will put a strain on your tooth straightening results. Make sure that you follow your orthodontist’s retainer instructions to the letter and ask for a new retainer if the current one doesn’t fit anymore.


#6: Inspecting Your Wisdom Teeth

Finally, yet importantly, your orthodontist will inspect your wisdom teeth and may recommend their removal if you still have them. Wisdom teeth have a habit of causing future tooth movement, which does not bode well for your tooth straightening results. 



Caring for Your Teeth after Brace Removal

Slight sensitivity might affect your teeth for a few days after the removal process. During this time, steering clear of hard and sticky foods such as hard candies and bread, raw vegetables, and popcorn is recommended.

Dental hygiene is paramount for a smooth transition from braces to a retainer. Keep up your old dental hygiene habits, and make sure that you brush and floss several times a day.

Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY Consultation!

That’s it; you have reached the end of your braces removal process! Nothing is left for you to do but be proud of your tooth straightening results while showing them to everyone around you. 

Are you ready to undergo your braces removal process at Loudoun Orthodontics? Our medical team is ready to welcome you in for a complimentary consultation. Before you contact us, make sure to check out our blog for more information on orthodontic treatments!