Everything You Need to Know about Laser Teeth Whitening

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Everyone knows that a smile goes a long way, but a white, dazzling smile can go even further. Especially in business and social relationships, a perfect, natural smile can make a difference. Sure, it is not implied that a bit of carelessness will act as an impediment in the future; however, with so many advancements in the field of dentistry, why not take advantage and bring your charming yet irresistible smile to life?

From the ancient Egyptian practice of mixing pumice stone with white vinegar to create a whitening paste to 21st-century technology, teeth whitening has come a long way. Today, you can invest a small amount of time and money to achieve those pearly whites of your dreams safely, without daunting thoughts of side effects. Here at Loudoun Orthodontics, we believe that we have found our answer to the “What is the best teeth whitening technique?” question in laser teeth whitening, to be more exact, in the GLO Teeth Whitening System. This device harnesses heat and LED light technology to whiten your teeth up to twelve shades without sensitivity!

However, “If it’s called ‘laser teeth whitening,’ then where is the laser?” And “What are the pros and cons to laser teeth whitening?” These questions, and more, will receive a thorough answer today. By the end of today’s read, you will learn everything about teeth discoloration. Furthermore, you will discover how the GLO Teeth Whitening device addresses it straightforwardly and painlessly. Now, let us dive into the subject and bring laser teeth whitening to light!

Teeth Discoloration Causes

First, why do we need teeth whitening at all? Enter teeth discolorationi.e., the process through which our teeth lose their inherent brightness and whiteness. As a result, your teeth might turn to different colors over the years, become darker, or develop spots.

The way teeth discoloration affects our smiles is twofold. First, we have extrinsic teeth discolorationwhich only affects the enamel. Foods, beverages, and unhealthy habits such as excessive smoking or coffee drinking are found at the root of extrinsic teeth discoloration. 

As a rule of thumb, this type of teeth discoloration is not as alarming as its counterpart, intrinsic teeth discoloration, which, as the name implies, affects the tooth’s dentin, the inner layer. Medical treatments, diseases, genetics, trauma, and aging all play a part in intrinsic teeth discoloration. Unfortunately, such a dental issue is harder to treat; therefore, it requires professional teeth whitening.

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Instead of living with either extrinsic or intrinsic stains, how about choosing a treatment that will restore your smile’s splendor safely and straightforwardly? It is time we brought up laser teeth whitening, a technique that brings together technological advancements and heat for superior whitening results. 

Here at Loudoun Orthodontics, our take on laser teeth whitening is the GLO Teeth Whitening System, a device that falls under the laser teeth-whitening pallet without employing any laser whatsoever! This incredible, professional at-home teeth-whitening innovation will provide you with a smile that is five shades whiter within the first week of your treatment! Furthermore, the GLO Teeth Whitening System is FDA-approved, ensuring its superior standards and state-of-the-art technology.

How Does the GLO Teeth Whitening System Work?

First off, we begin by charging the GLO control. Make sure that the mouthpiece is firmly plugged into the GLO control. Once you complete this step, the GLO Teeth Whitening System will be ready to go!

Second, apply the GLO Lip Care product to the top and bottom lips, inside and out, to protect them during GLO teeth whitening. GLO Lip Care works wonders on the gum area as well, so feel free to apply it if you experience gum sensitivity.

Third, brush the whitening gel on both the top and the bottom teeth (fronts only) in a thin layer. With its safe hydrogen peroxide formulation, the whitening gel will provide a simpler, faster, more thorough whitening, not to mention that it is vegan and cruelty-free!

Fourth, insert the GLO device into the mouth and press the GLO power button. As the mouthpiece lights up blue, you will experience superior teeth whitening! After a quick 8-minute session, the device will blink and automatically turn off.

Last but not least, remember to repeat the process daily upward to four 8-minute applications for the next five days until your desired results come to life.

GLO Teeth Whitening System Pros

The GLO Teeth Whitening System is quickly becoming a favorite amongst our patients, mainly because of its quick, effective, and painless approach – the whitening gel and the GLO device are all you need for a comfortable, thorough whitening!

Furthermore, because the GLO Teeth Whitening System creators envisioned a pleasant experience for the patient, the treatment barely causes any side effects. Instead of thinking about sensitivity or pain, you can attend to your daily tasks freely!  

GLO Teeth Whitening System Cons

No treatment is created perfect, though some treatment might tend towards perfection. With the GLO Teeth Whitening System, you can rest assured; side effects such as sensitivity or pain rarely occur and at negligible levels. Likewise, you might experience lip dryness, although without ever becoming a discomfort.

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